Metro Rail: Houston, Texas

Article by Deborah Sladek
Photography by George Hosek

The Houston MetroRail system is a unique system of futuristic Jetson-style transportation. Carrying approximately 400 passengers per trip, this city was the 19 city to get the rail system that powerfully accommodates the growth of Houston and all that it offers.

Not only can you hit the prominent museum and medical area, there is much to see and do from the quick silver ride of the future. It cuts down on time spent waiting in traffic, gives the passenger a great view of the city and efficiently and conveniently preserves resources.

Commuters arriving into the city have this as a great alternative to get around and alleviate frustration of time spent in a rushing congested area.

From routes running all over downtown, midtown, the central business district, uptown, greenway plaza and much more; the average person can see in a nut shell in one morning what an individual unfamiliar with the area may see over a spread of a couple days driving around.


It’s a great way to see the city, learn your way around and save some money on gas. So whether you get a ride to Reliant Stadium, Hermann Park, Texas Medical Center or downtown Houston; you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished much for the day without the headache of the hustle and bustle behind the wheel.

At each station you can purchase a ticket to ride and not only is it extremely reasonable at $1.00 per ride while children are 25 cents; you can receive a transfer to another local service, or you can purchase a day pass for $2.00 and get unlimited trips for the day.

They also have a convenient $1.50 rate for the express park and ride or a 30 day stored value card for business and working people.

If you decide to transfer to a service with a higher fare, as all as you have to do is ask for the higher fare transfer then you can pay with cash or your value card. Times that the rail runs vary from different time slots for days of the week are anywhere between 4:30am to 10:30pm if not later.

A huge percentage of residents believe that this system is the best long term solution to the problems for the growing community’s traffic and it will continue to help solve the compacting road situation of the area for many years to come.

Along with the rail system being part of a solution to mass congestion, it also has a great aerodynamic design all equipped with the look of modern one way black tinted windows, silver exterior sides and all the bells and whistles to alert pedestrians of its presence. Not only will you love traveling in a great modern city, you will get the feeling of ease and relief of not crunching behind the wheel.

So sit back and read the morning paper as you blissfully float from road to road in comfort while time sits still for a few moments toward your destination.

If you need to know more about scheduling, just go online to the official Metro-Rail website to get all the information that you need.

For large Houston METRO Rail Map

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