Leonid Meteor Shower

Big Bend Ranch State Park

November 15th through the 18th 1998 I watched the Leonid Meteor shower at Big Bend Ranch State Park. It was incredible! Truly  unreal. Watching bright fireballs screaming across  the extraordinarily clear skies of Big Bend, one after another all night long was an experience I will never forget.

Just after sunset on the 15th through the morning of the 16th, I counted an average of 200 meteors per hour. Unfortunately, it was my first time to try night photography, I didn't bring enough batteries ( 6 volt camera batteries only last about three hours of continuous use) so I was only able to photograph a few hours during the night.

Between 12:00pm and 6:00am on the morning of the16th, there where many very bright fireballs, one that left a train that lasted more than 30 minutes and others also left trains.  The Leonids of 98' were  like nothing I could have ever imagined, it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

You can see a few faint meteors in the picture above.

George Hosek

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