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Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas
Lightning over Presidio


From the Big Bend Ranch State Park Headquarters at Presidio go 3 miles south on Hwy 170, take a left on the gravel road that takes you to the interior of the park. About 1 mile at the highest point, look west and you can see the lights of Presidio glowing in the late evening light.

I was standing at this spot waiting to see if the thunderstorms that where building to the east and south would produce some lightning. When I glanced to the west and saw the lights of the city start to come on I decided to hike to a ridge two hundred yards from the road so I could get a clear shot of the sunset and lights, not realizing that a storm was starting to 
form over the city and mountains.

I was  about twenty feet from  the edge of the ridge when I noticed the storm started to produce  lightning, I sprinted the last few feet, and quickly set up my camera  (Pentax 645, 200mm lens) and tripod. Immediately I captured a single bolt then another, the  storm started  to intensify, a double bolt (above) and another. Then as quickly as it started it was over, in less that 5 minutes I shot eight frames of film, four with single bolts two with double bolts and two with none.

If I would have stayed at the road I would have missed the opportunity completely. Intuition and luck helped me capture a scene I may have otherwise missed.

George Hosek

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