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When I arrived, the sky was dark and ominous, the night air was charged and full of static. Lightning buried deep within the clouds filled the massive thunderstorms with luminous white light. Powerful thunder rolled across the waves crashing loudly onto the beach in front of me. Sadly these storms began to die, their energy depleted, they disappeared into the dense humid blackness from which they came. Above, the stars are ending there nightly journey across the heavens, slowly fading as the first hint of blue appears on the horizon.

To my great delight, new storms begin to form, I quickly start to look for a place to capture this rapidly developing scene. To the West, I can see a wrecked shrimp boat partially submerged, waves pounding into it's hull. To the East, a lone fisherman is standing patiently as the tide pushes the surf over his feet, high onto the beach forming a pool of water and a perfect reflection. There's something about reflections that I can't resist, so I leave the boat for another time and turn my attention to the East and the awesome sunrise that's unfolding before me.

The first rays of sunshine are already illuminating the tops of the towering clouds as I'm setting up my equipment, brilliant yellow and gold light suddenly bathes the land. Instinctively, I determine the exposure and composition and fire off a frame, using my 28-85 lens I zoom out slightly and shoot another, I check my exposure and take one more before the magic moment is over forever. The man who was unknowingly posing for me retreats to higher ground as the beautiful light rapidly vanishes and another day begins.

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