Golf Course Review - Hillcrest Golf Club

By George Hosek

Anytime is a great time to play at Hillcrest Golf Club even after the sun goes down. High powered lights are situated throughout the course illuminating the fairways and greens. So, if you don't have time to play during the day you can come out and golf under the lights.

Hillcrest is a great course for the beginner, recreational golfer and even more advanced players. Its not long or difficult which makes playing fun for all golfers, including the kids. Four out of the first five holes are par 3's, four par 4's and one par 5 for a total of 2,592 yards.

Hillcrest has a very good practice facility, it includes a driving range with excellent pitching/chipping area and a nice putting green. The staff works hard to make sure the course is well maintained and in the best possible condition at all times.

Amenities include a fully-stocked Pro Shop and snack bar. Located off Highway 35 in Alvin Texas.


Hole number one is a straight away153 yard par 3. There are trees to the left of the fairway, two large pine trees frame a gently sloping green.

Hole number two is a par 3, 197 yards. Again, watch out for the trees on the left of the fairway. There are two large pines halfway down the fairway to the left and right, another one protects the green about fifteen yards to the right in front of and to the right of the green.

Hole number three is a short 142 yard par 3. Trees on the left and right side of the fairway, one large oak tree guards the right side of the green.

Hole number four, is a 377 yard par 4. This is the perfect hole for long hitters to try and drive the green, however, if you do go for it watch out for the water hazard, its about twenty yards in front of the green. Most will decide to lay up and hit a short second shot over the water and the oak tree.

Hole number five is straight 165 yard par 3, with trees on the left.

Hole number six is a 364 yard par 4.  This is another hole long hitters can try and drive the green, the elevated tee box makes it seem shorter than it really. The water shouldn't be a factor the there are two trees that block a portion of the fairway that you must clear.

Hole number 7 is a 480 yard par 5. This is the only par 5 on the course, it has a severe dog leg right. A long straight drive is important in order to have a shot at the green, if you happen to go right there is an opening in the trees and you may be able to salvage the hole.

Hole number 8 is a 346 yard par 4. Its hard to see in the photo below but there is a creek about 50 yards in front of the fairway, you can clear it with a strong drive or lay up for a short second shot to the slightly elevated green.

Hole number 9 is a 368 par 4. This closing hole is a dog leg left, there's a creek about 100 yards in front of the tee box and several large trees you must dodge in the fairway. The green has a severe slope and a bunker in the back.


9 Holes - Walking - $8.00
18 Holes - Walking - $12.00
9 Holes - Riding - $11.00
18 Holes - Riding - $18.00

Friday thru Sunday and Sunday

9 Holes - Walking - $9.00
18 Holes - Walking - $14.00
9 Holes - Riding - $12.00
18 Holes - Riding - $20.00

Hillcrest Golf Club
3401 Fairway
Alvin, Texas 77511

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