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Fredericksburg, Texas
Article by Auralie Ruggiere
Photography by George Hosek

If you're in the hill country and would like to explorer a quaint town - Fredericksburg is the place to go. It is located seventy miles west of Austin in the county seat of Gillespie County. The ride from Austin allows you to continue viewing the scenic Texas Hill Country. You pass through Johnson City where the LBJ National Historic Park is located, Stonewall where Lyndon B. Johnson was born and the site of LBJ Historic Park, and Luckenbach is just a short drive off highway 290 right outside of Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg was originally a German settlement that began in the 1840's. The town was named after Prince Frederick of Prussia. The town began with 120 settlers and now according to the Census Bureau, the populations is 11,305.

One of the Organizations that devoted many hours to help make Fredericksburg an important tourist center is the Gillespie County Historical Society. Because of this group's hard work there are at least three informative historical sites all tourist must see when visiting Fredericksburg - the Pioneer Museum complex, the Admiral Nimitz Museum in conjunction with the National museum of the Pacific War, and the Vereins-Kirche Museum.

Nimitz Hotel Fredericksburg Texas


The Pioneer Museum provides a look back at German heritage in Texas during the pioneer days. Artifacts of furniture, tools, farm equipment, kitchen items, as well as art and photographs are displayed. The whole complex 3.5 acres with flowers dispersed throughout the area making it a beautiful natural setting to daydream about life of a pioneer.

The Admiral Nimitz Museum is located in the Nimitz Hotel, a museum that is dedicated to Chester Nimitz, an Admiral and hero during WWll. He was born in Fredericksburg in 1885, grew up in the Nimitz Hotel that his family owned. Within the the past 10-15 years, the National Museum of the Pacific War was added on to the Nimitz Museum. Within the museum you can view live depictions and listen to stories of the Pasific Theater battles of World War ll. There are life-size replicas of Allied and Japanese aircrafts, campsites, tanks, and guns.

Pioneer Museum
Nimitz Museum of Pacific War
The Veriens-Kirche Museum houses historical exhibits. The building is a replica of the first church, called the "Society's Church". Inside this landmark you can learn about the history of the church. This octagonal structure is located at Market Square - or Marktplaz - which has been at the center of Fredericksburg since the city's founding in 1846.

Not only does this town have a rich heritage, it has become a town full of variety of shops that entertain the eye and restaurants that full fill the taste buds. You can spend an entire day just browsing through antique shops, craft stores, art galleries, gift shops, clothing stores, and variety stores mostly along Main Street.

Veriens-Kirche at Marktplaz
Adults may like to experience wine tasting, envision a new living room while browsing through several interior decorating and furniture galleries, and of course sit back and enjoy live music at various places. The children can enjoy the playground at the Marktplatz, and of course indulge in the "sweet" shops. Clear River Pecan Company may sound like a shop that sells items made with pecans. On the contrary, it is a nostalgic ice cream parlor, bakery, and café.

Once you walk in you feel like you stepped back in time during the 1950's with a jukebox, bubblegum machine, red booths, and Elvis serving ice cream. They have an assortment of pastries, pies and sweets. But do not leave without trying some award winning ice cream.

Lone Star Candy Store Fredericksburg Texas
Art gallery Fredericksburg Texas
Since Fredericksburg is a German-influenced area, of course you will find several biergartens to experience the German culture and food with German flare. If German food does not suit you, then you have every other type of food to choose from. There is Tex-Mex, barbecue, Italian, and an assortment of bistros and café type dining.

For those that desire more recreation, you have to experience Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. The attraction is a 425 feet high granite exfoliation dome and covers 640 acres. This is a Texas State park that allows camping, hiking, and picnicking. The interesting aspect is seeing grasses and trees that have somehow grown in the rock-bottom pits throughout the huge rock structure. When you get to the top it is a stunning view of the Texas Hill Country. Of course, there is also all the natural Areas and State Parks to hike and explore.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
Fredericksburg Nature Center is situated inside the boundaries of the Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park, the  Fredericksburg Nature Center offers a scenic and diverse blend of Texas Hill Country habitats. Flora and fauna surveys indicate more than 250 flowering plants, 160 birds, 60 butterflies, and 45 dragonflies and damselflies. A 650 foot long handicap accessible trail allows users to enjoy the essence of the nature area.

The nature center features over 6000 feet of trails that wind through the scenic and diverse habitats. Facilities at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park include: campgrounds with RV hookups, picnic areas and covered pavilions, Olympic-size swimming pool, lighted tennis courts, municipal golf course, fishing and non-motorized boating.

Fredericksburg Nature Center
RV Park at Lady Bird Municipal Park

Something you don't get to do very often is pick your own lavender, Hummingbird Farms, and the Miller Creek Lavender Farm in nearby Johnson City. They both have beautiful countryside and areas for for a nice picnic.

If you desire even more beautiful scenery and love flowers and plants, then the Wildseed Farms and the Fredericksburg Herb Farm are exciting places to visit. The Wildseed Farms not only offers information about plants, but you can purchase a variety of items, sit at Brewbonnet Biergarten for a relaxing place to have a drink or eat, or visit the Butterfly Haus.

It is fun to have all kinds of butterflies land on you or watch them fly in a flowery setting. The Fredericksburg Herb farm offers a more tranquil atmosphere with a restaurant, bed and breakfast, and spa. Throughout Fredericksburg there are many bed and breakfast establishments, guesthouses, country inns, hotels, and ranch houses to make your stay even more special.

Wildseed Farms Fredericksburg Texas
Italian & Pizza Restaurants
Domino's Pizza, 1425 Main #400, 830-997-4600
Fredericksburg Pizza Kitchen, 326 E Main, 830-990-4044
Gatties Pizza, 1408 E Main, 830-997-9797
Pasta Bella, 103 S Llano, 830-990-9778
Pizza Hut, 1104 E Main, 830-997-7222
West End Pizza Co., 232 W Main, 830-990-8646

German Restaurants
The Auslander Restaurant & Biergarten, 323 E Main, 830-997-7714
Der Lindenbaum, 312 E main, 830-9979126
Friedhelm's Bavarian Inn, 905 W Main, 830-997-6300
Old German Bakery & Restaurant, 225 W main, 830-997-9084

Bar-B-Que Restaurants
Chanky Frank's BBQ, 1676 Hwy 87 S, 830-997-2353
David's Old fashioned Pit BBQ, 342 W main, 830-997-7753
Easy Pickens Bar-B-Q, 23283 US Hwy 290 W, 830-739-5833

Burgers & fast Food
Charlie's Grill & BBQ, 714 S Washington, 830-997-3533
Luckenbach Feed Lot, 412 Luckenbach Town Loop, 830-997-3224
Porkey's Hamburger & Onion Ring Co, 904 W Main, 830-997-6882
Red Bird Grill, 341 Golfers Loop, 830-997-7480

Coffee Houses & Smoothie
Austin Street Java & Muffin Haus, 102 E Austin, 830-990-8935
Becky's Juicerie, 507 W Main, 830-307-3173
Fredericksburg Gourmet Coffee & Tea, 338 W Main, 830-997-8327
Greater Grace Christian Coffee House, 311 E San Antonio, 830-456-3333
Java Ranch Espresso Bar & cafe, 114 E Main, 830-990-4517
Ranch Road Rosters, 811 E main, 830-903-1789

Dixie Belle Cupcake cafe, 419 W Main, 830-992-3156
Fredericksburg Bakery, 141 E Main, 830-997-3254
Fredericksburg Pie Co, 108 E Austin, 830-990-6992
Hill Country Donuts & Kolaches, 605 E main, 830-990-2424
Sugar & Smoke, 249 E Main, 830-307-3051
Top Donuts, 915 E Main, 830-997-9976

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
Clear River Pecan Co, 138 E Main, 830-997-8490
Fredericksburg Ice Cream Parlor, 321E Main, 830-997-3131
Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt, 1579 E Main, 830-992-3737
Sweet Marley's Frozen Yogurt & sandwich Bar, 107 S Llano, 830-307-3104
Chocolat, 251 W Main, 830-990-9382
Fredericksburg Fudge & Sundries, 218 E Main, 830-997-0533
Lone Star Candy Bar, 254 E Main, 830-990-9100
Ruslin' Robs, 121 E Main, 830-990-4750

Fine Dining
August E'S, 203 E San Antonio, 830-997-1585
Austin's - The Restaurant at Rose Hill Manor, 2614 Upper Albert, 830-644-2247
Farm Haus Bistro at the Fredericksburg Herb farm, 405 Whitney, 830-997-8615
Navajo Grill, 803 E Main, 830-990-8289
The Nest Restaurant, 607 S Washington, 830-990-8383
Trosis's Italian Restaurant, 300 Trois Lane, 830-685-3415

Sandwiches-Soups & Salads

Airport Diner, 155 Airport Rd, 830-997-4999
Beat The Wheat Cafe & Bakeshop, 334 W Main, 830-997-6573
Mahaley's cafe, 341 E Main, 830-997-4400
The Peach Tree Restaurant & Gifts, 210 S Adams, 830-997-9527
Tootie Pie Co. Gourmet cafe, 339 E Main, 830-997-8007


Mexican Restaurants
El Gallo Mexican Restaurant, 11807 Hwy 290 W, 830-669-2406
El Maguey Mexican Restaurant, 116 N Crockett, 830-992-2139
Hilda's Tortilla Factory, 149 FM 2093, 830-997-6105
Mamacita's Mexican Restaurant, 506 E Main, 830-997-9546
Ruby's Taco, 911 E Main, 830-997-9546
Sammy's Mexican Restaurant, 803 S Adams, 830-997-3161
Taqueria Jalisco, 1410 E Main, 830-990-8554

Family Dining
Altdorf Restaurant & Biergarten, 301 W Main, 830-997-7865
Andy's Steak & Seafood Grille, 413 S Washington, 830-997-3744
Bejas Grill & Cantina, 209 E Main, 830-997-5226
Catfish Haven, 816 W Main, 830-997-9009
Crossraod Salon & Steakhouse, 305 W Main, 830-992-3288
Denny's, 1035 S State Hwy 16, 830-990-2806
Enchanted Inn Restaurant, 3045 RR 965 N, 830-997-5206
Fredericksburg Brewing Co., 245 E Main, 830-997-1646
Hill Top cafe, 10661 N Hwy 87, 830-997-8922
Hondo's, 312 W main, 830-997-1633
K-Bod's Steakhouse, 518 E Main, 830-307-3125
Kelly's Cafe, 505 W Main, 830-997-8593
Lindig's cafe, 14887 US Hwy 290 E, 830-664-2749
Longhorn cafe, 23624 US Hwy 290 W, 830-864-4328
Longhorn Street cafe, 621 Longhorn, 830-997-4805
Panda Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, 504 E Main, 830-990-8888
Sunset Grill, 902 S Adams, 830-997-5904
Winslow''s Restaurant, 106 E main, 830-990-0168

4.0 Cellars, 10354 E US hwy 290, 830-997-7470
Becker Vineyards, Hwy 290 E, 830-644-2681
Bell Mountain Vineyards, Hwy 16 N, 830-685-3297
Chisholm Trail Winery, Hwy 290 W, 830-990-2675
Fredericksburg Limo & Wine Tours, 830-992-0696
Fredericksburg Winery, 247 W Main, 830-990-8747
Grape Creek Vineyard, 10587 Hwy 290 E, 830-644-2710
Hilmy Cellars, 12346 E Hwy 290
House Wine, 327 E Main, 830-997-2665
Lincoln Street Wine market, 111 S Lincoln, 830-997-8463
Mendelbaum Cellars, 10207 E Hwy 290, 830-997-7000
Messina HOF Hill Country Winery, 9996 Hwy 290 E, 830-990-4653
Oberhof Winery & Wine Cellars, 1406 S hwy 87, 830-997-8969
Pedernales cellars, 2916 Upper Albert, 830-644-2037
Rancho Point Vineyard, 315 ranch Road 1376, 830-990-8555
Santamaria Cellars, 12044 Hwy 16, 830-998-5357
Texas Vineyards & beyond, 329 1/2 E Main, 830-990-9199
Torre Di Pietra Winery & Retreat, Hwy 290 E, 830-644-2829
Woodroe Winery & Retreat, Hwy 290 E, 830-644-2539
D'Vine Wine of Fredericksburg, 318 E Main, 830-990-8466
Water2Wine, 228 W Main, 830-997-9400

Hill Country
Buffalo Nickel Bar & Grill, 105 S Llano, 830-997-3700
Cabernet Grill Texas Wine Country Restaurant, 2805 S State Hwy 16, 830-990-5734
The Race Barn, 35 Fair Drive, 830-997-4058
Rathskeller Hill Country Bistro, 260 E Main, 830-990-5858
Silver Creek Beer Garden & Grille, 310 E Main, 830-990-4949
Wheelers, 204 E Main, 830-990-8180

Fredericksburg Brewery

National Museum of the Pacific War, 311 E Austin St, (830) 997-8600
Dedicated to all those who served in the Pacific War. The Admiral Nimitz Museum, George Bush Gallery of the Pacific War, the Plaza of the Presidents, Japanese Garden of Peace, Memorial Walk, and the Pacific Combat Zone are all part of the complex. See displays of Borne of the most notable aspects and events of WWII in the Pacific. Hours: 9AM to 5PM. Open daily except Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Pioneer Museum Complex, 325 W. Main St., (830) 990-8441
Experience the rich German heritage of Gillespie County. This 35-acre museum complex contains superb examples of early German structures and artifacts.

Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm
Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site
, (830) 644-2455
Visit a living history farmstead of the pioneers. See how the farm families of a century ago lived. Learn about seasonal activities such as sausage making, sheep shearing, canning, etc.

Vereins Kirche Museum
Center of Marktplatz, 100 W. Main St. (830) 997-2835
This unique building is a well-known landmark of the city of Fredericksburg in the heart of town. Learn about the original "Society's Church" and its interesting history. Hours: Monday-Saturday 10AM to 4:30PM. Closed all Sundays and closed Mondays from the weekend after Labor Day through the weekend before Memorial Day - except major holidays.

Inks Lake State Park
Located in Burnet County, 9 miles west of Burnet off Texas 29, on Park Road 4, 512-793-2223 - Park camping, RVs, shelters,
picnicking 7.5 miles of hiking trails, boating, water skiing, fishing, swimming, golf, watchable wildlife facilities for handicapped, store.

Lost Maples State Natural Area
Located in Bandera County, five miles north of Vanderpool on Ranch Rood 187, 830-966-3413 Park camping, RVs ( water & electric ) picnicking, 10 miles of hiking & nature trails, historical site/structure, watchable wildlife, fishing, swimming, interpretive exhibits/museum, store.

Lyndon B Johnson State Historic Site
Located in Gillespie County on Hwy. 290, between Johnson City and Fredericksburg (830) 644-7752, Park historical site/structure, picnicking, fishing, swimming, nature/historical trail, interpretive exhibits/museum, watchable wildlife, Store.

Pedernales Falls State Park
located in Blanco County, nine miles east of Johnson City on FM 2766, 830-868-7304, Park camping, RVs, picnicking, fishing, swimming, 8 miles of developed hiking trails additional primitive trail system), mountain biking, horseback riding, nature trail, watchable wildlife, store.

Old Tunnel State Park
Located 10.5 miles south of Hwy 290 on the Old San Antonio Road, 866-978-2287, Millions of Mexican free-tail bats make their summer home in Central Texas. View the evening emergence of bats during the season which normally runs mid-May to Mid-October. The upper viewing deck is open nightly at no charge.

Fredericksburg makes a great central location from which to explore other towns and cities in the Texas Hill Country region, a geographic area of rugged beauty along the 13alcones Escarpment encompassing roughly 10,000 square miles. Here are a few suggestions for day trips from Fredericksburg:

Kerrville, Medina and Bandera
Visit the Museum of Western Art, the YO Ranch, the headquarters of James Avery Craftsman and art galleries in the Kerrville area, and then head to Medina to check out the local apple crop. Bandera, the Cowboy Capital of We World, whew horseback riding and boot-scootin to country western music are the order of the day, and night, is just down the road.

Comfort, Boerne Sisterdale and Luckenbach
Shop for antiques in Comfort and don't miss the Treue der Union Monument, dedicated to the men from Comfort, Sisterdale, Fredericksburq and the surrounding area who were sympathetic to the Union cause and who died for their beliefs in the Battle of the Nueces in 1862 - Comfort Cellars Winery offers taming, daily Boerne offers art galleries, dining and unique shopping its historic district. Return to Fredericksburg from Boerne via FM 13 /6, stopping for wine tasting at Sister Creek Vineyards in Sisterdale or for o "cold one" at Luckenbach, where "Everybody's Somebody!"

Mason, Llano and Buchanan Lake
Take Highway 87 north to Mason, home to historic Fort Mason, the 1928 Odeon Theatre and Sandstone Cellars Winery. Blue Topaz, the state gem, is found only in Mason County. Head east to Llano, known for its historic courthouse, barbecue restaurants, deer hunting and the Llano River. From Llano it is a short dive to impressive Lake Buchanan, covering over 23,000 acres. A thriving colony of bald eagles lives on the upper reaches of the lakeshore during the winter months. Arid don't miss Fall Creek Vineyard while in the area.

Stonewall, Johnson City and Blanco
Head east on Highway 290 and take in small town life in Stonewall, as well as the LBJ Ranch. Stonewall is famous for its peach crops and the Peach JAMboree in June each year. In Johnson City, stop at the Visitor's Center for the LBJ National Historical Park and check out the Exotic Zoo, and Texas Hills Vineyard. In Blanco, park near the lovely old courthouse on the town square and check out the shops. Blanco State Park offers opportunities for picnics, fishing, swimming and tubing. Return from Blanco to Fredericksburg via FM Road 1623 for a scenic drive.


The back roads of Gillespie County provide miles of scenic views for road bicycle riding. Although the area roads are lightly traveled compared to big cities, riders are encouraged to obey all rules of the road to ensure their safety. With the hilly terrain, autos can come upon bicyclist without much notice, so please stay as far to the right as possible. Mountain biking enthusiast will enjoy Hill Country State Natural Area, near Bandera and Pedernales Falls State Park, near Johnson City.

Approximately 300 species of birds occur in the Texas Hill Country, where birding is great all year. The area is an overlap zone of ranges of eastern and western bird species, as well as some north and south species. Be sure to look for the endangered Black-cupped Vireos and Golden-cheeked Warblers. An excellent place to view birds in Fredericksburg proper is the live Oak Wilderness Nature Trail in Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park. Stop for a bird check-list at the park office Pedernales Fills State Park, near Johnson City, has wildlife viewing stations, while Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, 18 miles north of Fredericksburg, is also a premier bird-watching location.

Quiet Hill Ranch
The ultimate birding, wildlife viewing and nature photography facilities in a remote yet accessible location. Log cabins, lodge with full kitchen, pool, and peacefulness await guests. Day use by reservation only. 830-669-2253

The closest place for kids to drop a line in the water is Lady Bird Johnson Muniapal Park on I highway 16 South. With prior arrangement, Hill Country Outfitters, 109 Cast Main, will plan fly fishing lessons and/or expeditions for groups - The Country Flyfisher, 830-990-9453, can also help find places to fish around the area See city and state parks.

A beautiful 18-hole, par 72, 6,432-yard championship golf course is open seven days a week at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park. The golf course will be undergoing extensive renovation from January through August, 2012 and will be closed. When the course reopens, it will he one of the best municipal courses in the State. 830-997-4010

Hidden Springs Golf Course
This 18 hole, public course is located at the Double B Ranch & Resort about a 20 minute drive from Fredericksburg. The 6,200-yard course rests between enchanting water features and stunning elevations. 830-990-4122

Fredericksburg Resources

City of Fredericksburg Official Site

City of Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce

Fredericksburg Standard Online

Fredericksburg Police

Fredericksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau - 830-997-6523 or 888-997-3600

Adventure at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

I woke up around 6:30 am to a clear, cold spring morning. I bundled up in a few layers then started to walk around the campsite, the nearby parking area, and the road trying to figure out the best way to photograph the fast approaching sunrise.








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