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"Christmas Bay"


From the top of the Freeport bridge I could already tell that it was going to be a spectacular sunrise. Even though it was still dark, the high thin clouds were already starting to stand out against a clear night sky. My destination was a small bird rookery situated on the south shoreline of Christmas bay. The shallow island is surrounded by razor sharp oyster reefs and quicksand like mud, getting there at low tide would be difficult and time consuming so I knew I had to hurry if I wanted to be in position to photograph the rising sun.

Just a few minutes after crossing the bridge I could see a trace of color starting to appear in the clouds as a blue sliver of light slipped over the horizon, wishing that I would have left at 3am instead of 4am I quickly accelerate. Arriving at my entry point I immediately unload the small boat and motor, and hop in. As I thought the water level was to low to start the engine so I pull out the paddle.

More beautiful light filters over the horizon, the clouds turn a deep reddish purple, although itís still to early to shoot I canít help but feel anxious and uneasy, because now I know for certain thatís itís going to be a truly amazing morning and I still have a ways to go.

After a couple of hundred yards of intense paddling I reach water that's deep enough to drop the motor. Now things are really happening fast, the clouds are now ruby red and getting more brilliant by the minute. Luckily, the engine starts on the first pull and Iím off at what seems like blazing speed , I arrive at the island and oyster reef that contacts to it just in time. I swiftly set up my tripod and camera.

Red light explodes on the clouds, as I take one photo after another. Although the sun has not yet risen over the horizon it paints the bottom of the clouds a beautiful yellow-gold in anticipation of itís arrival.

George Hosek

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