Bolivar Texas

Bolivar Point Lighthouse


Bolivar Point Lighthouse, Bolivar Texas. When a friend told me about a sunken shrimpboat off the coast of Bolivar I decided to go and see if there was an opportunity for some photos. I arrived early one morning and headed to the beach, I searched but I never could locate the boat. A few scattered thunderstorms were popping up to the north of the peninsula so I started looking for a foreground subject , of course the lighthouse was the obvious choice and I quickly headed back to find a spot to shoot the approaching sunrise.

The mud was thick and smelled horrible as I waded waist deep to a suitable location. The clouds were side lit by the sun which created the illusion that they were glowing from the inside out. Using a two stop spilt neutral density filter helped even out the light. This image was used as Texas Highways magazine's Millennium Cover ( January 2000 ).

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Angleton, Texas


Kemah Boardwalk Sunrise

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Freeport Beach Sunrise

Freeport Waterway



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